Ad-hoc Service

Apart from leasing equipment, we also provide ad-hoc services to our customer that relates to aerial equipment. Service such as following,

  1. Repair / Schedule Maintenance Service
    Customers do engage with us for repair & schedule maintenance service due to they have no expertise personnel to take care of their machine. We have a strong technical team who are experience in most of the aerial equipment regardless of its brand.

  2. Renewal or Application for PMA Certificates
    PMA Certificates is being issued by the government body JKKP, where it certify that the equipment are safe to operate.Safety inspection and test are required to be done by the safety officer in order to obtain the certificate.Therefore to save the hassle, we provide this service to customer and will send their equipment to go through our in house maintenance and test before the actual inspection.

  3. Source &Supply Aerial Equipment Spare Parts
    Spare parts are one of the important aspect that need to be taken care. Equipment may fail to operate when any parts broken and it will be a nightmare when you couldn’t find a replacement for it. Worry no more as we are able to assists on this with the strong relationship we have with various major provider in the industry. Our technical team are also able to come out with an alternative should the broken parts is phased out and couldn’t find in the market.


GORLY EQUIPMENT SDN BHD are committed to response & resolve in within 24 hours for any breakdown of our leased equipment. Cost of repairing such as labor, transportation, parts replacement will be incurred to customer when the breakdown of leased equipment was caused by customer negligence. Otherwise, all cost of repairing will be under our company expenses.

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